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  • Please tell them I am as pure as the heart of ice in a jade pot.
    Mo Yan naturally thought of it and was looking at him with a smile. The breeze is bright and the moon is bright, and the water is gurgling. The black arrow was on the shoulder, hanging in danger for a moment. But he led her to recite the words: "Read to go, thousands of miles of misty waves, the dusk is heavy and the sky is wide.." Remembering the situation of that day, still in front of him,...
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  • The only survivor
    Jo hugged her back, but said nothing. He remembered how badly he had wanted to hit her when Barbara had forced him to give up the idea that Nina might be alive. Now he was ashamed of what he had thought, a shame and uneasiness — but he was also touched by her friendship. It was more meaningful than he had imagined when he first rang her doorbell. How did I get to know you so well in just...
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  • Almighty Master
    Nonsense calm words are filled with a strong intention to kill, which let the side quietly listening to Huo Yu can not help but hit a spirit all over. But Isn't that a little cruel of you. After Huo Yu said this sentence, he felt something was wrong, and this sentence seemed so pale and powerless in the face of some cruel facts. When those garbage commit crimes, has anyone ever told them that...
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  • Doomsday plant controller
    Major General Wu knew Chen Gaoyang's mind best. He was the first to stand up and said firmly, "Bring these zombies here, and then destroy them at one stroke.". Without the four million zombies, the whole city of Andu even recovered more than half. Let's finish it in one battle and completely end the zombie virus in Andu! Of course, this proposal is in line with Chen Gaoyang's idea, but he just...
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  • Star front
    Hearing the sudden sound of rebuke beside the voice, Luo Jue was startled and quickly waved out the pike in his hand. Perhaps surprised, perhaps ashamed and angry, the dozens of golden lights that were about to hit Shen Zi and others suddenly stopped, and then returned to Luo Jue's body. The shot missed Yu Chen, and when Luo Jue turned around, Yu Chen had already gone around in front of him....
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  • Chekhov, 1888
    "I'm not telling you a story, I'm telling you the truth." "Oh, let's call it a fact." There is no point in such a thing, and people have long been tired of hearing it. "Don't look down upon it until I've finished!" Said Ananiev, waving his hand angrily. Don't interrupt, please! I'm not telling it to you, but to this doctor. "Well," he went on to me, squinting at the college student, who bent...
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  • The little prince
    Because purple is so delicate, small stature, long curly hair, huge beautiful eyes, skin without makeup is really flawless, plus the peach dress she wears on her body, you will think you have met a cartoon character when you walk across. No wonder that kid always bragged about her beauty. She frowned and looked at Chien Hsiao-ya for a moment. "Who are you?" She asked, showing her white...
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  • Back to Primitive Society as a Chief
    He laughed and looked disdainful with his arms in his arms. "Come on, don't pretend. Who doesn't know you in the mountains?"? He learned from the elders of the clan and did not blush when he lied. Ji Thief Usma: ".." "No, thief," said Li Ya. "I'll go north with you, too." Ji Thief sighed, "How can I do this? The plan is all assigned. You, along with Yi and Usma, will take the brigade to the...
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  • Forty thousand years of cultivation
    When they stepped into the control center behind them, the remains of the two commanders collapsed into pieces on the ground. You can still see the colorful patterns on the broken bones of the female commander and the geometric patterns on the broken bones of the Pangu commander, but all of these are quickly annihilated under the light smoke. Even the crystal brain of the black cube Pangu...
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  • Hunting Demon Notes _ Misty Rain Jiangnan _ txt Novel Paradise
    It was not until this time that Sylvanas could begin to breathe again. In a short song, he has been completely captured by the world, a sound of golden iron horse syllables, like a powerful hand, tightly tied to his heart. From this movement of destruction, Sylvanas did not hear sadness, but only coldness, indifference, killing and. In a world without life, the eternal loneliness. In a short...
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