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  • Green Blood Sword
    He Tieshou blushed and said softly, "Our affair was only related to the government. yuan Xianggong didn't know the reason in the middle, so that's all.". Suddenly, the Golden Snake Lang Jun was involved. Where is the Golden Snake Lang Jun now? Qingqing took yuan Chengzhi's hand and whispered, "Don't tell her." yuan Chengzhi asked, "Does the religious leader know the Lord of the Golden Snake?"...
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  • Pai Pai Novel _ Jade Beauty (Nvzun) Author: Black Mountain Old Demon
    With a burst of anger in my body, I took three steps and two steps, and walked quickly to Su Yinyi's room. Pushing open the door, I saw candles shining in the room, Su Yinyi sat at the table looking at the medical book, saw me come in, looked at me and then put his eyes back on the book. I walked up to him and said in a deep voice, "Where is he?" Su Yinyi continued to read his book as if he had...
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  • Return to Earth (Mecha)
    Looking at the dozens of warships that had been "destroyed", Rhine stroked the corners of her eyes thoughtfully. The almost miraculous speed of this battleship force should be brought about by the strange shape of the battleship at the tip. Although the universe is almost a vacuum, there is no resistance, but similarly, in this case, as long as the acceleration is greater, the overall speed of...
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  • Break the sky
    The heavy ruler in Xiao Yan's hand touched the ground, but one knee could not help sticking to the ground. His comely face was a little pale at this time, and the fine cold sweat was constantly seeping out from his forehead. Judging from his rapid breathing, it was obvious that this victory was not easy. Brother Xiao Yan, are you all right? A beautiful shadow flashed in the side, slender hands...
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  • Huafeng-Wolongsheng _ txt Novel Paradise
    Cui Yulian said, "But Brother Zhan also told me one thing, that is, he asked me to promise to be responsible for your safety." "Did the girl promise?" Asked Jinqi. "If I don't agree," said Cui Yulian, "I'm afraid Brother Zhan won't help me either." "Miss," said Jinqi, "if your father wants to hurt us, what are you going to do?" Cui Yulian said, "As long as I promise, no one can hurt you,...
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  • The superheroes I bought in those years.
    "So I'm not sure whether their purpose is good or evil." "I'm not even sure who they got the news from and what force in the universe they got it from." "So the best way we can do now is to shut it down completely and cut off the possibility of them opening the channel directly." Clark's voice fell, and even Iron Man's face changed. There is no earthman who does not know the definition of...
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  • Emperor tyrant
    "Zi, Zi, Zi" burst of melting sound sounded, the body of the dark giant actually began to be burned, his day over and all people are not the same, all the emperor immortal king of the day over are lightning thunder down, of course, the dark giant's day over unexpectedly has infinite light, this light is everywhere, directly into the body of the dark giant, To burn the darkness of the dark giant...
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  • The entertainment circle of rebirth
    I silently recited the speech in my heart and prepared to go on stage. In fact, as early as a few days ago, I had an idea. Reciting the speech was not because I was nervous about the award scene at all. It was because my speech not only thanked the fans, but also expressed my feelings about the award, as well as my current feelings and my future plans. I saw the performance of Miss Wu Qi just...
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  • Korean entertainment fantasy
    A group of crew members, together with a large number of guards, set off for the shooting site as if they were going for a spring outing. The Great Wall is a general term for the large-scale military projects built by ancient China in different periods to resist the invasion of the nomadic tribal alliance north of the Great Wall. The Great Wall stretches tens of thousands of Li from east to...
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  • The Strongest Abandoned Young _ Goose Is the Fifth _ txt Novel Paradise
    He glanced around the hexagonal hall and immediately saw half of the necklace in the corner of the hall. Then he picked up the half of the necklace and took out the half of the necklace left by Chu Xiaoyi. The two halves of the necklace were the same, and the first thing that came to mind was Ao Qian Die. According to Haitong, Aoqiandie is very concerned about this half necklace. Now this half...
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